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Part Time Executive Teams? Ok, Boomer.

Something I have been thinking about quite a bit recently is creating more c-suite part time roles.

I know, I know. I am probably one of the most guilty of being a workaholic. So working a part-time job with 100% responsibility seems really hard to do. In fact, when asked a few months ago how many hours I would be committing to for an interim CEO position, I replied: "Well, technically and per our contract, it will be about 20 hours a week. Realistically though, in order to do the job right, I'm going to do what needs to be done, whenever it needs doing, so it is a 24/7 commitment."*

Alas--and with apologies--I am a "boomer," someone born between 1946-1964. And we have all probably read the business articles about boomer retirement and its impact on our economy and our corporations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. (If you haven't, here is a great article about the Forever Labor Shortage.)

Jobs and technology evolve and impact our economy and roles, but what I am wondering about is why we don't develop more part-time positions in leadership roles? I know that it is not the status quo and probably challenging, yet it seems like this would be a great answer to issues of mentorship, institutional knowledge, and lower overall expenses. In fact, many boomers I know don't want to continue to work for the money, they want to continue to work for the sake of staying engaged.

Most executives in my generation are not ready to give up work altogether but when they look around or talk to their colleagues still in positions of authority, there are very few part or flex-time positions. It's all or it's nothing.

What do YOU think? Does this all or nothing mentality serve YOUR business? Are there ways your business could leverage these kinds of roles? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

NOTE: In reviewing my 10 weeks in that position, my average weekly hours were 72 hours.


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